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The power of being able to express your emotions in a safe environment was necessary & so very important to me.


My name is Smitee and I lost my mum to cancer in 2005. I was 27 years old at the time. I reached out to the Cancer Society for support and I had regular counselling sessions with them.

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30 years of Daffodil Day 30 years of Daffodil Day

It was a time where I could express my painful emotions freely, it helped me process my thoughts and the lovely Cancer Society nurse, gave me honest direction, and reassurance to help me move forward. I had sessions on and off for a few years up till the day before I got married!

It has helped me move forward in my life and I will be forever grateful for this. The power of being able to express your emotions in a safe environment was necessary and so very important to me. Thank you to the team at the Cancer Society for helping me move forward without mum.

30 Stories for 30 Years

In 2020 the Cancer Society celebrated the 30th anniversary of Daffodil Day. 

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It also marked a 30 year relationship with ANZ as the Principal Sponsor of Daffodil Day. We want to thank the team at ANZ for their amazing support.

To acknowledge this we found 30+ people to tell their story. These stories talk about the generosity of everyday New Zealanders making a difference for people with cancer. They talk about the effect of cancer on people and on whānau, they talk about hope, and they talk about the work we do here at the Cancer Society.

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